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About Us

Creative Dental Floor Plans was developed by dental design experts to create an exceptional service with unbeatable pricing. We are a 100% web-based 3D dental design service employing a highly experienced and educated designer. This allows me to cut all over-head and offer very affordable pricing.

Having worked for a dental equipment and design firm for 42 years and speaking on the phone with contractors and subcontractors, I quickly realized by becoming entirely internet based I could keep money in the client’s pocket. In just the past year our business has grown tremendously and continues to be successful. We are based in Louisiana and have designed offices from coast to coast.

When offered "free dental plans with purchase" inquire what level of dental design and specifications you will obtain. Is it worth it to compromise on a space that needs to function properly, produce income and be your show case for a “free set of plans”?

“Mike Talley did an excellent job with my new Orthodontic clinic and was always prompt and even ahead of schedule. He provided detailed 3-D drawings of the clinic and was professional in every way. I would definitely recommend Mike and Creative Dental Floor Plans.” - Steve Sherman DDS Baton Rouge, LA.

There are only few design companies, architectural firms or dental suppliers that are experts in both 3D dental and 2D office design. I create a 3D dental office designs that combines the correct space requirements for functionality, precise dental equipment positioning and maintaining the imaginative elements that best fit your practice. I deliver the same quality and knowledge for a great deal less than an architect and without requiring thousands of dollars spent on equipment to qualify for basic plans.

With my nationwide company I can develop a 3D interior design layout to meet your dental office needs. I have designed dental facilities for decades and through my experience working with architectural firms and contractors I am uniquely qualified. Creative Dental Floor Plans has worked with dental equipment suppliers, general contractors, dentists and interior designers to create distinctive 3-d floor plans. Our finished dental facilities offer exceptional designs adhering to dentist’s needs and specific dental practice styles. We are a logical alternative to hiring a local architect to create an interior design for your dental office when it is not his/her area of expertise.

Meet the Owner

Mike Talley- 3-D Design Specialist

Hometown: Atlanta, GA.

Creative Dental Floor Plans: Abita Springs, Louisiana

Mike Mike has been a dedicated student of office design for the last 45 years. Working with a major dental design and equipment company for 37 years as an Equipment Specialist and office designer has given Mike the unique opportunity to work with hundreds of practices all over the country. Each practice has its own personality and style. Creating your showcase office is our full time passion.

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