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3D Dental Office Block Plan/Feasibility Study

Creative Dental Floor Plans will help evaluate a specific lease space’s feasibility.  Don’t sign a lease unless you know your office requirements will fit!

I will need an electronic copy of your floor plan(AutoCAD) or a PDF plan with at least one dimension for scale. This plan will determine the feasibility for your needs within the space. No revisions are provided with this service. When and if the plan becomes a working design and goes to the preliminary process all fees will apply towards your total design cost.

Expected turnaround time 3-5 business days.

Preliminary 3D Dental Floor Plan Design

Creative Dental Floor Plans will develop your preliminary plan based on our team’s 39 years of experience. Our design includes:

Five revisions included, additional charges may be applicable for additional revisions.
Expected turn-around time 3-5 business days.

Interior Construction Plans

Dimensioned dental floor plan, dental plumbing dental electrical, dental equipment specifications, wall and ceiling backing details for x-rays, reflected ceiling plan, cabinet elevations and all schedules such as cabinet, door, electrical and fixtures are all part of the package.

Handicap accessibility conformity
Detailing construction plans is a process that begins after the Preliminary Layout process is completed. Expected turn-around time for a review set of plans: 7-10 business days.

Construction document set to include:

  1. Dimensioned floor plan.
  2. Dental Plumbing details
  3. Dental Electrical details
  4. Reflected ceiling plan with HVAC register locations
  5. Dental Junction box detailing
  6. Dental Backing and framing details
  7. All plumbing related details including nitrous specs.
  8. Manufactures templates and diagrams for all equipment used in project. New and existing dental equipment.
  9. Electrical details including all conduit and wiring for dental equipment, computer locations and standard office requirements.
  10. Standard specifications such as; non-decorative light fixtures, door sizes and types, door hardware , plumbing fixtures.
  11. Cabinet elevations for front desk, kitchen, laboratory, sterilization, treatment rooms.
  12. Handicap accessibility conformity and specs.
  13. $1.20 per sq. ft.

Dental Equipment Details

If you are working with an Architect creating your floor plans but the firm does not have dental experience we will detail the dental segment of your plan. This will include accurate placement of your dental equipment, dental plumbing, dental electrical, x-ray equipment, dental lights, delivery systems and medical gas systems. I will work directly with your architect, engineers, interior decorators and dental dealer. $.95 per sq. ft.

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