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FAQ-Creative Dental Floor Plans

Q-Why choose a design service when my dental supplier offers plans for free?

A- Typically, dental companies draw plans for free and only in 2d and only when obligating you to purchase $50K, 75K, 100K or more from them. So the drawings are not free, they're paid for by what you must purchase from them.

The free-plan can be mutually beneficial, but dental companies typically don't offer any expertise in all the design requirements outside of actual dental equipment. Their design expertise is intended to facilitate sales of new equipment and technology, and as a fringe benefit, they'll cover the equipment you're taking with you. I know, I was a Equipment Specialist for one of the largest dental distributors.

Our expertise extends beyond the dental equipment and encompasses office design from a business and aesthetic aspect, ergonomics and space optimization. Additional considerations include reflected ceiling details, conduits for computers and technology, cabinet elevations, handicap accessibility and many more details as well as a level of interior design with 3D you simply aren't going to get through a dental company.

Q- I understand the value of 3D/CVBT scans and it's benefits in our practice, but how does it benefit me in office design?

A- The exact same way. 3D allows you see the entire office on your screen before you start construction. Like the clinical 3D technology, 3D design takes the guess work out and informed decisions are made on design.

Q-Why should I purchase a predesigned dental office floor plan?

A- Pre-designed floor plans offer a great alternative to start from scratch. Pre-designed drawings offer a perfect starting point for ideas and budgeting. All pre-designed floor plans can be modified to meet your needs. Pre-designed floor plans save you time and money. Special needs sometimes require a totally customized set of drawings.

Q- Can I make changes to a predesigned dental office floor plan?

A- Absolutely. Changes can be made quickly and economically.

Q-What makes your designs unique?

A- Our designs are based on solid principles of form follows function. 3D technology brings that to life on your screen.

Q-What do you do?

A- We create all dental office designs in 3D and work with you online to make the modifications before your eyes. 3D allows you to see the feel and flow of your office before you start.

Q-Will I need an Architect?

A- If you are building from ground up you will need an Architect for your building elevations, mechanical work as well as helping you get your bid package prepared.

Q-How much detail is included in my floor plan?

A- Our plans include complete details and specifications for your dental equipment, cabinet elevations, reflected ceiling plan along with any soffits or fur downs you would like in the office. Most of our plans included soffits and fur downs in the business area.

Q-How long will it take?

A- With the predesigned floor plans you will have the plans in 7-10 days after our online consultation is completed

Q-How much will it cost?

$0.95 per sq ft - preliminary design;
$1.20 per sq ft - construction drawings.
You will get the benefit of custom, but in less time and save thousands of dollars in design and extra costs.

Q-Will you work with my current supplier?

A- Absolutely. You need your local supplier for your equipment needs, installation and maintenance on your new and existing equipment.

Q-Will you work with my local contractor?

A- I will be available to speak with your contractor at any time.

Q-Will you work with my local Architect?

A- Absolutely- I will share all of the DWG files with you local Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer/Decorator.

Q- If I need my plans stamped by an architect, shouldn't I hire one locally to design my office?

A- A architectural firm can provide you with a complete set of drawings that meet local codes to obtain a permit. However most architectural firms lack the necessary "Dental Experience" required to meet the unique needs of a dental office. Dental offices mandate intimate knowledge of how the practice functions and clinicians work to achieve optimal results.

Q- There is an Architect in my area that specializes in dental office design, wouldn't that be my best option since I will need an architectural stamp?

A- A dental-specific architecture firm is going to come at a higher cost for the drawings. Having your GC include an Architecture stamp and or engineering (when necessary) in their bid will be the more cost effective option.

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