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Our Process:

  1. Online consultation utilizing www.join.me.com--This is service will help determine your design needs for the new office.
  2. Once your needs are determined using a predesigned floor plan or original design work your modification begins.
  3. Once your first modification or preliminary is created we will meet online with www.join.me.com to evaluate the updates in 3D. You will be able to see your office live and in color on your screen. You will have a minimum of three online meetings to get the modifications completed all included in the pricing.
  4. When all changes have been completed your new office floor plan will be ready for specifications of all dental equipment and technology used in your design.
  5. Owner will digitally send to Creative Dental Floor Plans a detailed list of all equipment and technology used in new project. Existing equipment listing will be needed as well.
  6. Once all equipment data is received plan completion is 7-10 days.
  7. All designs and specifications will be electronically send to Owner, Archtitect, Contractors and Interior Designer once completed.

Dr. Shea
Daniel Shea
Dentist at Shea Family Dentistry
I highly recommend Mike T. He knows what he does and can get it done. Dr. Shea

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